BackpacksIt’s back to school for the kids which means schedules, sports, homework and studying. As our children grow older, they tend to have more and more school books and supplies for their studies. It is very important to make sure one knows the proper way to wear their backpack to prevent injury to their back and or shoulders and neck. Here are some tips to assure your child is wearing their backpack correctly!
Tip 1
Straps should be worn on both shoulders. By wearing a backpack with straps on two shoulders, it prevents potential strains/dislocations and the weight from the backpack is dispersed throughout the body instead of one side.
Tip 2
A backpacks weight should not exceed more than 10-15% of the wearers bodyweight. Once a backpack starts to get too heavy, you will notice poor posture with a forward trunk lean. This puts stress on the neck and lower back and could potentially also cause pain and muscle stiffness. When wearing a backpack, you want to stand upright and not have a rounded back or shoulders.
Tip 3
The length of a backpack should be the same as the child’s torso and should not hang lower than two inches above the waistline. Lots of children like to have their backpacks hang low, but this can cause many problems and great strain to the shoulders and neck. This can easily be prevented by wearing the pack close to the body and at the right length.
Tip 4
The heaviest books should be placed closest to the child’s back to help prevent strain and pull of muscles. Proper placement of items in the pack can help to make distribution of the weight throughout the body more even from one side to another.
Make sure that your child looks and feels comfortable while wearing their backpack. If they complain about pain caused from the pack, try switching some things up and making the load lighter or rearranging the items. If your child continues to complain of pain, bring it to the attention of your doctor.