Heelsblog1Jimmy Choo, Manolos, Quads?
Every woman loves their heels and I’m sure we all have at least one favorite go to pair. Although they are part of our fashion statement, wearing heels can come with some risks to the body and can even lead some down the road to surgery.
Many heels are narrow and leave little space for the toes to move when the shoes are worn. All of this pressure on the feet can cause bunions, hammertoes and corns. With a more wider shoe, the toes have space to stretch and relax. If heels are worn most of the time, it can lead to calf muscle tightness and shortening of those muscle fibers. The tightness in the calve muscle in time will result in a lowering in the arch of the foot which can cause pain and make it hard to relax the foot.
When wearing heels our posture changes and more of the weight is placed on the front of the foot. This unnatural distribution of weight causes our quads to do more work and puts a strain on the knees. Overtime, this can lead to knee pain and possibly osteoarthritis. Even just a small two inch heel puts 57% more pressure on the front of the foot compared to wearing a sneaker or shoe where your body weight is distributed evenly!
We’re not saying get rid of all of those beautiful heels that fill your closet, just don’t wear them everyday! Overuse of lower extremity muscles can cause pain and more serious damage than you would think!