kinesiotapeHave you ever watched a sporting event and wondered what the colored piece of tape was on an athletes body? Athletes of all levels are using the Kinesiotaping method to relieve pain and increase range of motion in problem causing areas. This taping method isn’t just for athletes though and it is something we use right here in our clinic.

The tape is elastic and stretchy, just like our own skin. By placing the therapeutic tape on the body in a specific way, it lifts the skin and increases blood flow to that area. This increase in blood flow helps to promote the healing of the injury and improve recovery time. By raising the skin, it also allows for any swelling to be reduced. Since the tape is elastic, there is no restriction to movement and you have your full range of motion to go about your normal day without being reminded you are wearing it. The tape also helps to support weak muscles and keep them in proper form so the muscle can heal itself. The tape is durable and how long it stays on varies from person to person and your activity level. It can be worn in the shower and comes in all different colors and designs to suit everyones style!

KinesioTape can be used to try and relieve pain for a number of different conditions. Whether it be plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, sciatica or knee and shoulder pain, therapeutic taping is popular and proven effective. Both of our therapists at Mobility Plus are experienced with the taping method and use it on many of their patients.