This for That-Maintainveggiesing Your Weight this Holiday Season

The average adult gains 1-5 pounds during the holidays. We all can relate to the struggle of going for seconds and having a piece of the apple pie! Here are a few food swaps you could try to maintain your weight and make the foods you love healthier during the holiday season.

Everyone enoys mashed potatoes, but wishes they didn’t come with all the calories. For something a little more reasonable, try mashed cauliflower. All you have to do is boil the cauliflower, drain and mash it and then add some pepper and a little bit of olive oil. 1 cup of mashed potatoes contains 134 calories, compared to 28 calories in the mashed cauliflower.

Another swap you could try would be using greek yogurt instead of sour cream in your dips. Onion, Ranch, 7 layer dips all taste delcious made with greek yogurt! 1 cup of reduced fat sour cream has 416 calories, compared to 1 cup of nonfat greek yogurt at 133 calories.

A huge calorie saver when baking is trading sugar for applesauce. Use the same amount of applesauce you would as sugar in your cakes, muffins and cookies. 1 cup of applesauce contains 194 calories. Where as 1 cup of sugar has 774 calories.

Cooking with spaghetti squash is another great way to cut back on calories and still have a delicous meal! Instead of making dinner with pasta, which has 220 calories, try replacing it with spaghetti squash. Surprisingly, spaghetti squash only has 31 calories per cup.

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and that our This for That swap ideas help to maintain your weight and are enjoyable!