Lower-Back-PainNow that the weather is finally warming up it is time to start thinking about your yard. Spring clean-up and planting your garden. Here are some helpful hints to protect your low back while getting your yard summer ready:
When using a shovel to dig holes in the dirt make sure to use your body weight to help lean into the shovel rather than using your arms to do the whole thing.
When you are going to move the dirt use your whole body to turn and place the dirt instead of twisting and throwing the dirt. The same goes for if you use a wheel barrow, dump the dirt in front of you instead of twisting the wheel barrow to empty it.
When weeding squat or sit on the ground or a garden stool. Do not bend from the waist and pull weeds as this puts a lot of pressure on your lower back muscles.
If lifting heavy bags of leaves or soil bend your knees and lift with your legs holding the soil close to your body and keeping your spine straight.
If you follow some of these tips you will get your garden beautiful and be able to enjoy your hard work without an aching back.