From the freezing temperatures to the inches of snow, for the next couple of months there will be no denying that Winter is here. Even when snow is cleared from driveways and sidewalks, we must still anticipate and be careful of ice and here are some tips on how to walk on ice safely.

  • Wear footwear with visible tread to help keep your grip on the ice. Try to avoid wearing anything with a smooth sole.
  • Make sure not to keep your hands in your pockets while walking. This is important because it helps with your balance and if you do happen to start to slip, you can brace your fall with your arms.
  • Take your time, don’t rush! Walk with your knees slightly bent and and take short, slow steps
  • When going up or down stairs use handrails for support
  • Keep your center of gravity in line with your front foot and have a wider stance. Basically, walk like a penguin!
  • Always look ahead to see where your next steps will be
  • Test the area before you walk on it if it looks slippery. Use your foot to tap the surface and see how icy it may be to prepare yourself
  • Try to avoid carrying anything heavy that may cause you to lose balance and increase your chances of falling on an icy surface