new-years-resolutionWhenever the new year comes around, many of us seem to see it as a motivating time to start something new and get rid of something bad to try and better our lives. However, the majority of people who set a resolution for the new year do not follow through with it. In fact, 80% of people let go of their resolution only a month in to it.

Instead of setting a resolution for the year, set one for the month and take it from there. Make sure your goal is realistic and achievable, something you can accomplish and feel good about doing. If you want to exercise more, start with telling yourself you’re going to walk more and accomplish that in the month. The following month, motivate yourself to do more strength exercises. Buy some dumbbells and do arm exercises during the commercials of your shows or squats and sit-ups. Once you see that you are setting your goals and reaching them, you’ll be more apt to keep going than setting a broad goal and giving up on it.

And don’t forget, the new year isn’t the only time to set goals for yourself. Every day is a new day to start change. Once you’re ready for it, go get it!