appblogOur Top Picks for Health and Fitness Apps

When it comes to fitness and staying healthy, many of us lose motivation after the first few weeks of exercising or eating better because of time, lack of results or even just having no interest in keeping with the changes. Now a days, social media is such a large part of our lives and there are many apps out there for free that can help us stick to a healthier lifestyle!

Lots of these apps also connect to your personal Facebook page if you allow and will post your workouts so others can see how hard you’re working and push you further. Not only that, but if your friends are connected to the same app, there are abilities to challenge each other, see each others workouts and send kudos! Fitness apps are a great way to stay motivated and here are our top picks!

My Fitness Pal is a great calorie counter app and is extremely user friendly! The user enters their food intake for the day, either manually in the search bar or you can simply just take a photo of the barcode found on the foods packaging. You set the quantity you consumed through the day. You can also enter in any exercise you did and the app does the rest! It calculates your food intake and will subtract any calories burned through exercise so you get a pretty accurate estimate of your calorie intake for the day!

Sworkit is an app where you can search for exercises and watch video demonstrations on how each exercise is done. This is great because it reminds you of how to keep proper form to prevent injury and get the most out of your workout! You can choose to look at exercises individually or pick a workout plan and target certain areas of your body that you want to improve.

MapMyRun is a popular app amongst the runners who want to keep track of their distance and time. Once you hit the start button on the app, your time begins and your distance is calculated until you hit finish. When your run/walk is complete, a visual map comes up so you can see where you ran with your time and distance at the bottom.

CycleCast gives you the ability to take a spin class at your convenience! Through the app, you pick an instructor, choose the music and the duration of the workout and let the spinning begin. Whether you have a bike at home or use one at the gym, the videos in this app will keep you motivated and give you a great spin session!

We hope you enjoy these apps and they help to keep you on track with living healthy!