Why Mobility Plus?

Exceptional Quality of Care

From the moment you enter to the time you are discharged from physical therapy, we will work hard to provide you with the utmost in health care quality. We employ qualified and friendly staff who will do their best to assure you are well taken care of.

We offer a newly renovated, large treatment space equipped with only the best amenities and evidenced-based practice treatment rationales and guidelines. We will listen to you and will take whatever time it takes to provide the best care for your individual needs.

Thorough Treatment and Attention to Detail

We will answer your questions. We will provide you with a specific physical therapy diagnoses designed to expose the source of the problem, not just the symptoms. An evidenced-based, results-driven Plan of Care will be designed and modified based upon your individual need and goals.

One-on-One Treatment with Designated Therapist

Mobility Plus appreciates the importance of continuity of care as it relates to your physical well-being. We will provide you with a primary physical therapist who is responsible for your Plan of Care. This person will be your “advocate” and will do what it takes to ensure that you have proper understanding and access to all physical therapy and ancillary health care services.

Patient Success Stories

Over the years we have countless examples of success stories that we are very proud of. We have a proven track record working with a wide range of patient diagnoses and age groups. In addition, we have maintained a strong reputation for patient care quality with many physician groups and referral sources across Greater Boston and the South Shore.


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