Foods That Help Prevent Bone Loss

As we age bone loss is very common, especially for women. There are many foods out there that can prevent bone loss and help strengthen them as well. Citrus foods, such as oranges and grapefruits, are loaded with Vitamin C which will keep your bones strong. Adding one of these fruits to your daily breakfast or lunch will keep those bones strong. 

Sweet potatoes are a great way to get potassium into the body. If you have too much acid in your body, the body will try and neutralize it using the calcium we have. This can lead to a calcium deficiency and weaker bones. Potassium is important because it neutralizes acid instead of having the body use its calcium! 

 Kale, turnip, broccoli and spinach are some dark greens that are full of calcium and vitamin K. This vitamin is important because it helps increase bone density and has been found to prevent fractures with those who have osteoporosis. 

Salmon contains vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids. Both of which work to strengthen and keep bones healthy. Dried prunes are also proven to slow the process of bone loss and are something we should be eating everyday! 

Our bone health is crucial in the aging process and keeping them strong will ultimately keep our bodies strong. Eat what your body needs and keep your body happy!

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