Treatment Programs

Our therapists work with their individual patients to define, develop and plan individualized treatment programs targeting the following areas:


Spine Rehabilitation

Our therapists are experts in neck and back dysfunction. Through accurate diagnoses, we will implement modalities such as postural re-education, core stabilization exercises, manual therapies, and therapeutic modalities all designed keep you active, strong, and pain free.


Neurological Rehabilitation

We have the experience and knowledge to effectively treat neurological diagnoses including stroke (CVA), traumatic brain injury (TBI), Parkinsons Disease, MS, and various gait instabilities. Consider Mobility Plus a resource for all neurologically-based impairments and functional limitations.


Mobility + Function

The patient will need to regain specific range of motion, strength, and coordination necessary to return to their baseline function and normal activities of daily living.


Balance + Gait Training

Providing a focus on home safety, reduce risk of falls, and quality of walking.


Pain Management

Addresses acute and chronic pain syndromes to improved quality of life and function.


Return to Work

Following a work-related injury, the patient will respond to an effective treatment program designed to prepare individuals for return to work at full capacity.


Motor Vehicle Accident

Following a motor vehicle accident, rehab specific strategies are implemented to return the patient to their prior level of function as quickly as possible.



Educate and rehabilitate those patients who have had surgical procedures so that they may return to their prior level of function and activity.


Return to Sport

Regardless of age or ability, we understand your desire to compete and be the best you can be on the “playing field”. We will employ “sports specific training” to maximize your full potential as you rehab your injury.


Endurance + Activity Tolerance

Build and implement strategies to maximize productivity and activity level from the perspective of stamina and endurance.


Fall Prevention Program

We will initially perform a through balance and fall risk assessment. Our therapists will work with you on strengthening, pacing strategies, balance/gait training, and home safety awareness to reduce your risk for falls.


Orthopedic Rehabilitation

We are the experts treating a wide range of diagnoses including arthritis, muscle strains/sprains, as well as overuse syndromes including tendonitis/bursitis encompassing all joints and body parts.


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