Mobility Plus Physical Therapy is a premier,

 physical therapist owned private practice serving

communities on the south shore of Boston. Mobility

Plus Physical Therapy specializes in orthopedic,

neurological, pre/post -surgical and sports-related

 injuries and conditions. At Mobility Plus Physical

Therapy, our care is designed to find the site, source,

and cause of your injury, while maximizing your

overall experience and results.



What to Expect:



At Mobility Plus Physical Therapy, you will receive the highest quality care in assessment, treatment, and individualized programs for return to work, daily activities, or competitive sports. You will experience personalized, one-on-one compassionate care that is focused on your goals and your return to activity. We will use a combination of manual techniques, modalities, and a personalized therapeutic exercise program that bests fits your individual needs, tolerance, and goals.

What is Physical Therapy?
Physical therapy involves the diagnosis, treatment, management of movement dysfunction and ability to improve functional mobility. Physical therapy includes the examination, evaluation, and treatment provided by a licensed physical therapist. A plan of care is designed to outline your treatment program and goals.

Physical therapists can help improve or achieve the mobility you need to maximize the quality of your life. Treatment is directed toward the rehabilitation, maintenance and the advocation of optimal physical function. Treatment includes the recovery of current symptoms and the prevention of the progression of impairments, functional limitations, and disabilities that may result from injuries, surgery, diseases, or related conditions.



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Mobility Plus Physical Therapy
190 Rockland Street, Hanover, MA 02339
Phone: 781-826-2200  |  Fax: 781-826-2221  |  Email:

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190 Rockland Street, Hanover, MA 02339    Phone: 781-826-2200

Patient Testimonials


“I credit Craig with my recovery.” –
Lisa F.


“Craig was very much interested in me as a person as well as a patient. It made even the most difficult exercises easier.” – Larry S.


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