Patient Testimonials


“I am so thankful I chose Craig here at Mobility Plus he helped me so much and I definitely am right back to normal- No Pain! I recommend him highly.” —Nancy D.

“This is the first time I have ever had physical therapy. I am thrilled it was with Craig at Mobility Plus. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable and he made every appointment challenging and I felt like I accomplished a lot.” —Donna B.

“I credit Craig with my recovery.” —Lisa F.

“Craig was very much interested in me as a person as well as a patient. It made even the most difficult exercises easier.” —Larry S.


“Before starting physical therapy I was severely limited in daily activities because of back pain due to bulging discs. Today I am overjoyed to say that thanks to Craig’s expert care, I have my range of motion back where it was and I feel stronger than when I started. Best of all: no pain! I would recommend Mobility Plus to anyone in need of recovery.” —Katie J.

“When I first came to Mobility Plus I could barely walk. I had extreme back pain with a MRI showing a bulging disc. With my therapy at Mobility Plus I am pain free and standing up straight. I am thinking about joining a gym soon because of the results from Mobility Plus.” —Jay S.

“I came in with lower back and hip pain that radiated down my left leg affecting my general well-being. Almost immediately I experienced pain relief thanks to the recommended exercises, manual adjustments and stimulation therapy. I leave today in no pain with new tools and plan in place to keep me pain free. I am incredibly grateful to feel equipped to manage occasional discomfort and I have restored faith and belief in my own body.” —Heidi Z.

“When I first came to Mobility Plus, my lower back was in spasm. Craig worked very closely with me to explain the process I would go through and helped get me feeling like a champ!” —Robin T.


“When I first arrived here, I could barely move my neck and I was in great pain. At this time, I have a far greater degree of movement and without any pain. When my back became a problem- to the extent that I was unable to get out of bed- I was given exercises and therapy which together have allowed me to move normally- without pain.” —Elaine M.

“When I started PT I was five months post-op from a cervical fusion. I was having a lot of difficulty with pain and muscle spasms. After two sessions of PT I felt a fair amount of relief from the spasm pain. Now after 12 sessions I feel great! My range of motion is greatly improved and my pain level is very low- I use Tylenol only occasionally.” —Mary F.


“When I first attended sessions with Craig my shoulder’s range of motion was poor, painful, and a chronic dull ache. I never knew I did not have to live with this pain. After intense treatment, stretching and exercise I could move my arm, open doors, not wake up in pain in the middle of the night. I would return here and recommend to other people.” —Sharon C.


“I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, it was a shock. It was recommended that I seek physical therapy to help with balance, strength, and coordination. Through this program introduced by Craig, I have gained confidence in balance and quicker movement in my walking.” —Robert L.


“When I started physical therapy at Mobility Plus, my posture, balance, and core were severely affected and I was losing my balance at home. After six weeks my posture has improved, as well as my balance and core. I am more mobile now and can perform everyday functions that help me to run the house and enjoy all activities with confidence. I have not lost my balance, and I feel like a normal person.” —Michelle M.


“When I first started physical therapy I had been non-weight bearing for months. I had to sleep in a hospital bed in the living room because I could not climb stairs. Gradually, I began to resume daily activities. Now I am even back at work, and walking at the town track. Everything is back to normal and feeling great.” —Patricia C.


“I came to Mobility Plus after a total hip replacement. I was not able to lift my leg for more than a few seconds. With Craig’s direction to regain my strength I was able to dance without pain for the first time in years. I have been to several PT places and by far this was the most friendly and comfortable.” —Diane H.

“Before my hip replacement I used a cane 100% of the time, had constant pain and no strength in my left leg. I can now walk without assistance and have very infrequent times of discomfort. PT with Craig has been a huge help- I have increased flexibility, strength, and balance. He made PT fun and gave me lots of great exercises to do at home.” —Laurie N.


“Before therapy, I couldn’t use my elbow at all. I now have full motion, full weight-bearing and absolutely pain free. 100% satisfied with the treatment I received.”
—Chris G.

“When I first hurt my wrist I could not drive, dress myself, use the phone or write legibly. Now, I can do all of those things and I am back using the gym.” —Ellen B.


“When I first arrived at Mobility Plus PT I was unable to put pressure on my left heel due to a case of Plantar Fasciitis. My exercising was limited due to heel pain I was experiencing. Today after 8 weeks or so with Craig, I am happy to report that my heel pain is gone. I am able to run without pain and continue bootcamping as well. Craig and his team were a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend them to others in search of PT.” —Christine H.


“I have been struggling with neck pain due to several injuries. Craig got me up and running again. Unfortunately, I was involved in a car accident at the tail end of our initial treatment. This caused a re-injury/similar trauma in the neck area. Due to Craig’s creative, caring approach I am now able to move my neck fully and am almost pain free! Excellent PT!” —Jennie G.


“When I began my physical therapy approximately 10 weeks ago I could not even raise my right arm due to a fracture. Each week I could notice a difference in my mobility and strength. At this time I have regained almost 100% mobility and strength and feel that I can function normally again!” —Darlene S.


“I had suffered a severe ankle sprain at the beginning of my high school soccer season that left me sidelined. I was able to come to physical therapy begin strengthening, and balancing. I was able to return very quickly from my injury and get back on the field. I now feel back to full strength and have knowledge on how to strengthen my ankle at home with exercises.” —Marco P.


“I came with IT Band pain as well as patellar tendonitis. My degree of pain was high when I started and limited my activities. Today I feel great and have begun running as well as squats with no pain.” —John L.


“When my husband first came to Craig, I was pushing him in a wheelchair. Multiple serious injuries from head to toe! Driving was out of the question. Then came progress Craig had promised, he started walking after surgery with a cane. Hundreds of sessions later, seven months, my husband drives, is back to work, but most of all feeling like a man again.” —Valerie H.

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