Safety Tips for the Cold Weather

Safety tips for the cold weather

Anyone who has had an injury or arthritis can vouch for the fact that a change in the weather can make pain symptoms better or worse. Here are some helpful tips for keeping warm when the weather gets cold.

1. Starting your day with heat, a warm shower or a heating pad can do wonders for loosening up after a night of sleep

2. Dress in layers, that way you are prepared for stepping outside to get the mail or for when the heat kicks on in your home

3. AVOID A FALL, wear appropriate footwear in your home and outside to prepare for snow, ice and slippery walkways

4. Ask for help when it comes to clearing off your car or walkways outside after it snows

5. KEEP MOVING, go for a walk around your home or in the grocery store while holding onto a shopping cart. As long as it does not increase pain keep your joints moving.

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