Staying Fit and Healthy With Age

Getting older. It’s inevitable. Our bodies change, our minds change, it’s a part of life. As the human population continues to live longer, we’re trying to figure out how to make our bodies last longer too.

The average person in the US lives 76 years. Right now research has found that at age 25 our bodies are in their prime. Our muscles have the potential to be the strongest and most flexible around this time. If maintained, this prime can last for about 10 years. After that, muscles start to lose elasticity, muscle fibers decrease and our overall muscle mass declines.

Don’t take your body for granted. For some of us, standing up, getting out of bed, running errands are easy and we don’t even think twice about how it’s going to feel on our bodies. But when you’re 80, those very tasks might be much more difficult than they are today. Staying active plays a huge part in keeping your body strong for as long as you can. Exercising, getting up on your feet, using the stairs, playing with your grandchildren, it’s all helping your body stay stronger for longer!

Just like our muscles, our brains need to keep be challenged to stay in good health. It is very important as we age to keep learning and using our minds because research shows if we slow that down, our memories and thinking starts to slow down as well. Puzzles, trivia, word games, even just talking things through out loud all play a part in keeping your brain from regressing. Eating brain foods such as fish, turmeric, broccoli and nuts, give the brain the nutrients it needs to function properly. By eating the right foods and stimulating your brain, you can hopefully stay sharper and keep that brain working!

Our bodies are complex and we have to take care of them so we can always be the best version of who we are. That means not slowing down or turning into a couch potato! We have to keep moving through life and the aging process and stay ahead of the game!

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